Wedding Band Bristol - Evelyn & The Vipers - FAQs

How much space do you need?

Around 5x3 meters however we have managed to squeeze into smaller spaces. We've played in Tipis, manor houses, barns etc, so we're used to adapting to different spaces. Bigger spaces will be required when booking additional horn players.

How is it best to time things?

We are happy to discuss timings, however we must have a good hour to set up. We normally start our first set after the cake has been cut and with the first dance. Normally that happens around 8-9pm. We are happy to play background music through our PA system to set the atmosphere.

Can I pick the bands playlist?

We are happy for you to give us your favourite tracks from our set list and please let us know if there are any that you definitely don’t want us to play. However we like to create our set lists so we are happy with the flow of tracks etc.

Where will you travel to?

Anywhere as long as our travel expenses are covered, and if it is far we would need to accommodation also.

Can I see you play live?

We do play live jazz gigs around Bristol, however due to the nature of our usual gigs they are mainly at private events. Do ask if you are keen though and we'd be happy to tell you of any jazz gigs coming up.

Will you learn our special song?

We are happy to learn your first dance and put our own spin on it. Recent songs we've learnt:

Maggie May – Rod Stewart
S.O.B - Nathaniel Ratcliffe
Hey Joe – Daniel Johnstone
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself – Jess Glynde
Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac
Home – Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros

Is the video on your website a true reflection of the band?

Of course! We performed this track live in the studio to give a true representation of what you would hear at your event. No over dubs we promise!

How do I book you?

Through our booking agents at Alive Network. Or through the booking enquiry form on our website. Are you able to DJ in between sets? Our bass player is also a talented DJ and would be happy to DJ between and after the live music to keep the atmosphere going.

Can we make DJ requests in advance to my event?

Our DJ is happy to take requests prior to the event. If you make sure to be in touch with him in good time so he can get an idea of the genre and artists you would like played he can create a suitable playlist.

Can we use your sound system for speeches?

We are happy for you to use our PA system for our speeches providing it is factored into our set up time.

What equipment do you use?

2 x Mackie 450 V3s and 2 x Mackie Sub woofers complete with stands, cables and sm58 mics. Our keys player uses a Nord Stage 2 keyboard Our drummer plays on a Gretch kit Our bass player uses his double bass and switches to electric for certain songs.

Do you have lights?

We have a small lighting rig which we place around the band and stage. We also have two strings of festoon lights which give extra atmosphere and ambiance.

How long do you play for?

Normally 2 x 45 min set, but you can book us for a third set. We can split this up in various ways, if you wanted a more chilled jazz set to start, or a vocal and piano duo to begin with before the full band plays. We are happy to discuss various options.

What time do you start and finish?

Every event is different, but we usually start with the first dance just after the cake has been cut. This seems to fall between 8 to 9pm. We are then happy to play till midnight, with DJs or background music taking over after. We are happy to discuss staying later as an extra booking option.

How long do you take to set up?

A good hour usually. We must factor in the ease of loading all our gear into the venue etc. Can I provisionally book you? Unfortunately not as our demand is as such that we would be turning other clients away on busy dates. However, when you make an official enquiry, it will be logged in our system and you will be given first refusal on your date should anybody else enquire about the same date.

What if the band split up before my event?

This is our work and livelihood and we all take our commitment very seriously. However in the unlikely event that this would happen we know wide variety of musicians and bands that could replace us.

Can my sisters/bosses/daughters dog sing with your band?

Welcoming impromptu singers on stage is a risky business! If you have someone in mind that wants to come up and do a number it's be good to discuss it with us in good time so we can prepare. What will the band wear? We like to dress up for most events. Suits and dresses. However we always ask clients beforehand if there are any specific dress requirements for the event.

Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates?

We are members of the Musicians Union which gives us PLI cover.

Why should I book Evelyn and the Vipers?

Evelyn is a classically trained singer, so her vocal range is powerful and her style is unique. The Vipers slick, professional and energetic backing make for a stylish and contemporary sound. The band pride themselves on their eclectic mix of jazz, soul and pop covers – they are keen to keep their set diverse and not fall into the standard 'wedding band' category. Although they do play well known tracks from artist such as David Bowie, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Florence + the Machine, they like to put their own jazzy twist on the covers they do.

Evelyn and The Vipers have performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Boomtown and Bestival, as well as corporate events for AirBus, The Americas Cup and The Extreme Sailing Series. How much does it cost to book the band? Prices vary as to where you are based, what booking options you choose and what timings you require. Please refer to our booking widget in the sidebar.

Can we see some previous client testimonials?

We have a stream of testimonials for you to read from past clients on our website. Do you have any specific requirements? It is good for us to have a space to store the cases for equipment and a place to change. Also something to eat and drink during the evening.

What type/size venues are you able to play at?

We have played in tipis, barns, manor houses, festivals, tiny clubs, people's front rooms and concert stages. So we are happy to play in most places so long as we have cover from the elements!

How loud will the band be?

Loud enough to feel like your at a gig when your on the dance floor, but never overwhelming. We are jazzy in style so never over baring.

What is the band power requirement?

Usually 2 double 13 amp supplies near will see us just fine.

Do you offer any additional services?

Additional brass players, extended sets, a DJ service, and stripped back/duo set can all be discussed. We are happy to talk over options, so please don’t hesitiae to ask!

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